Thursday, September 3, 2009

Visitor Enhanced Optimization (VEO)

Imagine creating your website without the search engines in mind.

But you already do that, right?

You don't name pages that are keyword rich and hyphenated to make the search engines recognize what that page is about, correct?

You don't write articles about topics that search engines would reward you for by placing your site at the top of the search result pages, right?

And I know that you don't choose keywords based on what sources such as WordTracker and KeyWordDiscovery tell you, true?

See a pattern here?

There is soo much focus on creating a site that is built to be "search engine friendly" that sometimes it's forgotten that while search engines may bring traffic, it's still a human who is reading and consuming the content that lives on your site.

While this may seem obvious to a web designer or marketer, not all of us possess that level of focus when making changes to websites. Instead of trying to create original and unique content, more thought is given to the impact that content can have in the search engines.

Content delivery through RSS feeds, Podcasts, PDF's, Articles, Blogs and Video are all thought up and created with strategic placement in mind - Get your Podcast on iTunes, be sure to have your video on YouTube, and make certain that Technorati knows about your blog.

All the while it's the human reader who decides if your website is worth visiting, bookmarking, tagging or coming back again to see what's new.

If you satisfy the simple need of educating or entertaining the reader, they will reciprocate your effort either by linking to your site, or even better, telling their friends about your site. Even though it occurs on the web, social networking is still a key factor to having your website become successful.

So, always build your site with the reader in mind, because they can make you wealthy - a machine can't.

-To your online success!

Paul Bliss<

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