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Learn How To Increase The Traffic To Your Websites Today, Earn More

By Liza M. Bein

Are you a website marketer? If yes, then for sure you are well versed with traffic and its value. But of those who are still starting with website marketing, traffic or visitor is the substance of your sites; these will be your means of earning. If your sites have no traffic, then your sites are in danger of being shut down. In this article, you will be learning how to increase traffic and add up to more funds with!

Several methods have been presented on how to add up traffic to your sites. Some of these method includes advertising, link connections, article writing, pay-per-click ads and also through bookmarking demon. You have many choices: you can go for the paid ones which will let you to do the job without so much hard work and you can also opt for the free method but it will involve more time from you.

How does Bookmarking Demon work by the way? Bookmarking Demon will immensely raise traffic to your sites; it is automated so your expectations will be met. You will have your sites indexed automatically in just few clicks of your mouse. With Bookmarking Demon, you’ll be able to reach out to hundreds of thousands of people in just a short time. To know more about BMD, check out

Suppose you’ll be doing the indexing and social site submission manual? What you have to do is first to sign up to the social media sites - there are lots of them, then after that, you will be submitting your sites to each one of them, then you will also do the indexing. Could you just imagine yourself finishing that up in a day, never! Your time is very precious in this kind of company; you need to put more effort to the more crucial part of the big business. By doing the mentioned tasks manually, you will not just lost hard cash and time but your will also be at risk of getting banned. Why don’t you take it with Bookmarking Demo? All these responsibilities will be automatically carried out. In few minutes, you’ll be able to reach thousands of people around the world. This software will be your right hand in your website small business.

Can you see how Bookmarking Demon will work for you? Aside from saving much of your time and resources, you’ll have a business that will allow you to relax. When everything else is done, you will soon become aware that larger amount of traffic will be sent to your sites. That’s how indispensable Bookmarking Demon can do for you. If you want to find out more, visit
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Discover techniques in increasing your site’s traffic. Earn more income from home today.

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SEO: How Important Are Backlinks

By Jon Brown

If youve done any research into search engine optimisation you would have probably stumbled across the term backlink. Backlinks are hyperlinks that point to your website that are found on other peoples sites. Google and other search engines use these links to determine how important your website is. For example, consider the search term click here. On Google, if you perform this search youll find that Adobe Acrobat Readers website is ranked at the number 1 spot. How can this be?

If you examine the Adobe Reader website you’ll probably not find the phrase “click here” anywhere on it. The reason you won’t find it is because it’s not there… so why does Google think it’s the most relevant site for this keyword? Well, the answer is straightforward - millions and millions of websites link to this site with the anchor text of “click here” and because so many sites all do this, Google thinks that this site HAS to be the most relevant for this term.

What’s a good quality backlink?

So we have proven that search engines put a lot of weight behind keywords, but the quality of the backlinks are also checked. Backlinks that come from websites that have a high page rank (i.e. Google considers them good websites) are a lot more important than backlinks from pages with low page ranks. A backlink from the BBC website for example is worth a lot more than a backlink from a website that was created yesterday.

Google also considers the quantity of backlinks, although this may not be as important as quality. The truth is, nobody really knows the Google algorithm.

In addition to quality and quantity of backlinks, the website that a backlink comes from should be relevant to the website its pointing at. For example, if someone puts a backlink on a car auction website that points to a travel company, the two websites are not relevant to each other so Google will put less weight behind the link.

Getting backlinks

Backlinks can be generated by writing on forums and putting your website as your signature. Similarly, blogging or writing articles can generate backlinks. There are other services that allow you to buy backlinks or you could ask website owners to link to your website. If you seriously want to get in the top few results of certain keywords though you should not ignore backlinks.

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This is a great website traffic generator. To find out more about traffic generator ideas click the link.

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How Many Times Will SEO Guru’s Scam You

By Ryan Henderson

There has been this complete rumor that Search Engine Optimization takes some act of God or a highly specialized person to actually put you on top of the search engines. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a one man operation and have had much success putting my little designed websites on top of the search engines with minimal work.

I need you to understand that anybody that knows SEO is an internet marketer. They know how to sell information products over and over again. So typically when you buy these SEO products they have you on a mailing list and they hammer you again and again to buy the latest product. The problem is for them if they sell you something that works you won’t be back.

I had a friend who had loaned me a SEO course written by Brad Fallon. I was determined to learn so I watched and took notes. At the end of this course I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to be on top. I didn’t care how much money I had to spend, I was going to learn SEO. I was so determined that nothing was going to stop me.

I got so mad at the end of the course. I spent countless hours last October trying to figure this out, and everything they had said I had read somewhere else. There is no magic code to put on your site, there is no perfect keyword density and the reciprocal linking that they say works, does not, I had done that for 4 years prior to learning.

My determintation did not give up, however, I found a way to build one way links right to my website quickly and easily. I was absolutley astonished upon this discovery which only came to me because I was unwilling to give up. Now I can not only put my sites at the top of search engines, I easily raise my Google PR which everyone wants to do. The keys are to get a lot of backlinks and let the search engines find you.

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Need a strategy to really get you backlinks? We have the exact program you are looking for, learn to build thousands of one way links to your site starting today.

Are Directory Submissions Still Effective

By Yasir Y Khan

Directory submissions seem to be one of the main ways of building link popularity used by many SEO companies out there. When you pay for a directory submission service, your SEO company submits your URL to 400 or 500 (sometimes 1000) directories out there on the web. SEO companies claim that directory submissions is one of the fastest ways of improving link popularity.

While directory submissions help with your link popularity, the submissions do absolutely nothing as far as increasing the rankings are concerned. There are some websites with only 200 links which are ranking higher than websites with over 3000 links. The reason for the difference in rankings is because one website has trusted inbound links which the other does not.

The first reason why directory submissions pass minimal to no link juice is because they contain only links and no content. And for that reason, most of them have another fancy name: link farm. Because of the lack of content, search engines stop favoring web directories and make sure that their outgoing links do not pass a lot of value.

Another reason for the minimal benefit that directories provide is the fact that everyone submits their junk content to them. It is also not hard to imagine each category of a directory to have over 200 outbound links, which severely limits the amount of link juice these directories provide. Also, because directories connect to bad neighborhoods due to spammy links, they lose quality and have to pay a price by getting even more junky links.

Directories also do not provide any traffic to their listed websites because no one uses directories as a reference system like they were used in old times. People normally go to search engines like Google to find any stuff that they want. Even though many SEO “specialists” still think of directories as major source of navigation, that is not the case with directories any more.

However, there are a few high quality and high PR directories out there i.e. Yahoo Directory,, JoeAnt and DMOZ, which can provide your website with a lot of link juice. The downside for submissions to such directories is that they charge a hefty fee.

In conclusion, my advice to you is to stay away from directory submissions because they can actually hurt (rather than help) your websites.

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Directory submissions are ineffective in a major way! Use our high pr inner page link building service to boost your search engine rankings. Also, check out our array of web marketing services.

Net Banners vs AdWords

By Michael Stock

This article describes common differences between and Google AdWords technologies:

1. Google Adwords is Pay Per Click advertisement technology where you pay when users click on your ad link. In some cases it’s good, but when you choose right keyword for you, you suddenly discover that you are only one of buyers of keyword and in order to get click to your link you should pay up to 70$ per click (for some keywords). With technology you only pay for owing keyword for full year and you, and only you will be shown as a result of search for your keyword.

2. In Google Adwords campaign you have to compete with other companies and raise price for your keywords. Sometimes your ROI can be negative and you should be high professional to get positive results. With you just need to set url for keyword and get ready for getting traffic to your website.

3. Your advertisement budget can be different, depending on keywords and number of impressions that you choose. has fixed flat price for any keywords that you choose. Only traffic will vary, so only thing that you have to worry is to choose right keywords for your business.

4. When someone searches for your keyword, already displays your website in IFRAME so it means that people already can see your website, without clicking on ad link (not many people like clicking on ad links).

5. Finally, Google Adwords works only with Google Search Engine, when works on All Major Search Engines, plus hundreeds of other partner websites with search features!

So, after all comparisions you can decide which model is best for you.

About the Author:

To see this product in action do demo, and then order keywords for your company.

Search Engine Optimisation - The Options

By Jason Kendall

SEO is essentially a constantly evolving study of what factors the search engines take into account when they ‘rank’ you in their natural search listings. These organic listings are what we predominantly see when we search for any keyword. They are not to be confused with the Pay per Click entries. On the major Search Engines, you’ll see a box at the top, and a column down the right hand side. These are the paid adverts. Whereas the free listings are taken from the main index. The Search Engines look at a site’s relevancy and value when establishing its position in the hierarchy.

We want to be right up there where we can be seen. Nobody will know we’re there if we’re way down on page eight! It isn’t possible to say for certain exactly which measures SE’s use to grade sites. They keep it a closely guarded secret!

Because of this, much technical expertise has developed around the subject. We have Search Engines constantly developing new technology on the one hand. Leading to great mystique over their ratings methodology. On the other hand, there’s Search Engine Optimisation. SEO empirically measures and tests data to establish the more significant factors that the SE’s are using.

The objective is to maximise both ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’ optimisation. There are also ‘off-web’ factors such as demographic and geographic information - but we have no control over this area. (We’ve covered ‘Off Page’ factors in a separate article, as there wasn’t enough room here.)

‘On-Page’ SEO

It’s possible to change the pages of your website to make them ‘friendly’ to the Search Engines. It’s not too complex - it just requires setting your website up the right way. Doing things such as: Keyword seeding (in the right places and the right amounts), using H1 and H2 header tags (and to some extent meta-tags) and internal linking.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the technical terms. The bottom-line is, that while it is the easiest to control, it has the LEAST affect on your ranking. To be blunt, some would say it hardly has any effect at all. Search Engines used to credit on page factors in the past. Not any longer though.

The only time that ‘on-page’ becomes important is when you have taken care of ‘off-page’ and have a lot of inbound ‘back-links’. If that’s the case, internal linking and a certain amount of on-page fine-tuning can reap rewards.

Some Words Of Caution… A phrase that shows vast numbers of results should not be your first SEO target. For instance, if you typed into a Search Engine the term Car insurance, seventy million results would be listed for the UK alone. It’s fairly obvious that seventy million competitors is a few too many for someone just getting started.

And Yet - When car insurance is prefixed with ‘Southampton’, it becomes a less intolerable three hundred thousand. (Which could be useful if I sold car insurance in Southampton!) You might think that still sounds a lot, and yet it’s not in SEO terms.

I could expect to get ranked far more easily for the longer phrase. In reality, getting ranked for car insurance would cost a fortune! I’d actually be head to head with the really big boys. So not a great idea - especially, in fact, when there are much better ways to go about it.

Therefore, we’re looking for phrases that yield less overall results - but quite accurately sum up what we do or what we offer. These ‘long tail’ phrases might contain a number of specific keywords. They could be anything from two to seven words in length. Generally we use 3 to 4 words.

It’s sensible to start SEO work on terms that yield under half a million returns. (If the sites on the front page haven’t used SEO techniques, then we might go with bigger yields). Over time we’ll gain ground on the larger search terms. This will happen automatically through building back links. We can go for some of those after several months if we’ve SEO’d well. A line of attack like this makes business sense. Basically we zone in on people who are specifically searching to purchase.

Your home page isn’t the only place for back-links. Spread them liberally around your website. This technique is referred to as Deep Linking. For example, build links to the pages that group products. That’s because pages like this generally have links to several individual pages. So don’t limit the back links to one page. Google and the other SE’s are looking more and more at how individual pages on your site are listed and treated.
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(C) Jason Kendall. Pop to for superb advice on SEM Consultants

How to make money Writing articles

Submitted by admin on Thursday, 13 August 2009

Can you really make money for free writing articles online? I’m not talking about pennies or dollars, but regular steady income of thousands of dollars a month? Yes, you can and the money from writing articles is fantastic once you work through the learning curve. I get a perverse sense of pleasure out of knowing that every day my passive income is growing.

How do I manage to make more money today than yesterday or the day before? Simple with focus and a plan for success which is followed everyday without fail. Why am I so strict about my work time? Let me tell you, I have a large circle of work at home friends who seem to think that working means messing around on forums, studying how to make money online, spending lots of wasted time on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Don’t get me wrong I love these sites and they are addictive time wasters for those who really work at home.

In order to make money writing articles, you need to write literally thousands of them. You need to promote them too or you will never see any coin from your efforts. Most people write, slap up their articles and wait for a few months before they ever bother to day anything else. This is a gigantic mistake. Slapping up 10 well written articles will maybe get you a lucky commission or some advertising money, but that is all it is lucky.

In order to make a living writing articles online, you need to have thousands of money makers all producing for you at once. How come so many? Well, getting paid online is notoriously finicky. Some days you make lots of money, some days nothing and others just a little. You really do need the volume of work to have any chance at all of making a steady income. It’s not as daunting as it sounds to write articles for money online. You don’t need to be a pro, and you don’t need English as your first language. What you do need is descent grammar and writing ability and the ability to both write and promote your work over a period of time. There is no quick fix to building a successful business either online or off.

5 ways to make money on Craigslist | Blogs do make money

Submitted by admin on Thursday, 13 August 2009

If you want to work from home full time or just make a couple of dollars each month, is here to help. As you probably know, Craigslist is an online classifieds website. That occur with many ways to make money on Craigslist, five of which are summarized below.

1 Make Money on Craigslist Sale

This approach is better for those who just want to make a couple dollars a month. It is also ideal for those who want to clutter their homes. What it does is go through the entire house, garage and other storage areas. Find the items you no longer want, need or use. If you are in relatively good condition, ready for sale on Craigslist. When a buyer according to its local price, which meet to exchange cash for the item.

2 Make Money on Craigslist buy and sell

If you have a sample sale on Craigslist and the money that you can do, can do it full time. One option is to buy and then resell on Craigslist. Where are these elements? You can find them anywhere. You can find cheap things to sell on Craigslist or target sales, retail savings, and eBay. Its goal is to make a profit, so be sure to purchase an item that is cheap and can resell at a profit. The bigger the difference, the more money you make.

3 Make Money on Craigslist Search Paid GB

When a person needs a service and do not know where to turn, often turn What is likely to be available in the paid concert? Almost nothing. There are magazine editors looking for models of houses in search of lawnmowers, the brides and grooms looking for bands to play at their weddings, and so on. Take a look around craigslist concert section, there is a good chance that you can find at least 20 different ways to make money. If your experience is an old job or a passion you have, use it to make money.

4 Make Money on Craigslist: Find a part time job

Now, if you are unemployed, you have to use to find a full-time job. However, if you just want to make some extra money, part-time work is better. You can do both. Lots of part-time jobs are advertised on Craigslist. You can find these jobs, either by searching with the name of the position you want, the type of tasks they perform, or simply the term “part-time.” Although a part-time work might not be as important as a full time job, treat it as such. This means that the transmission of a resume.

5 Make Money on Craigslist: Advertising Your Service

This approach can land some paid work, but is a bit beaten or lost. Honestly, people like to just send a message saying “I need this,” instead of screening through a lot of services for themselves. With that said, it is free to create a post on Craigslist that have nothing to lose by it. Describe the service or services that are willing to make and its average rate. For example “I am an experienced lawn mower with my own team. I charge $ 15 for each acre of land.”
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An easy way to make money online! Lots of cash, a minimum of effort! The chances are that they are stuck in jobs that.