Friday, May 1, 2009

Make Money on Ebay

There are millions of people that make money on eBay each and every day, here is my guide you help you start to make money on eBay and help you avoid the common mistakes people make.

In order to maximise your profits and make money on ebay you must learn how to buy low and learn how to sell high, believe it or not with a good auction listing you can earn as much if not more from a second hand product than you can from a brand new item, this is the key how to make money on eBay.

Learning how to buy low empowers you to sell high, learn from the mistakes people make and use proven techniques to sell their items at high prices and earn money from ebay by buying low, re-listing the items and selling high.

To buy low and start yourself on the track to make money on eBay you need to find badly worded or items with spelling mistakes in their titles and use software called auction snipers to ensure you get the items at the last possible auction moment for the lowest price.

Auction sniper programs are available at a very low cost per snipe, the best one I have ever used is called AuctionSniper (use Google to find). To find products with spelling mistakes there are freely available websites that will turn your correct spellings into common mistaken spellings and find the items on eBay for you again the best I have used is Goofbay.

Once you have sourced and bought items at low prices, how do you sell them for profit and make money on eBay?

In order to successfully make money on eBay through selling your items the single most important part to get correct it to get the title correct for your listing. This is what eBay matches the majority of people selling to your items. Here is an example of two listings :

Ipod Nano 4GB

New Apple Ipod Nano 4GB Black MP3 Player (I Pod 4 GB)

The first item description is how the majority of sellers list their items; the second description is how people who want to make money on eBay list their items.

The reason being you are covering more potential search terms with the 2nd title so you are giving yourself the best chance of a bidder looking for your item, you will get approximately five times the traffic than you would from the 1st listing title, that is potentially five times the bidders or five times the chance of someone clicking the BUY IT NOW button.

This is your key to help you make money on eBay; The key is all in the titles, there are hundreds of more tips to help you make money on ebay and I will be writing more guides with tips and techniques of squeezing every last penny out of your auctions. Why not bookmark this guide as my future guides will be linked here.

Happy money making...

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