Friday, May 1, 2009

Earn $30,000+ per Week


We are a registered Australian corporation, and have been in operation since 1999. As a corporation, we are subject to strict rules of conduct so you can be sure everything is 100% legal and ethical.

Think this wealth generation system must be too good to be true? Think again. This winning financial strategy is absolutely real and has even been featured by the media. But because more people are learning about it, this is an opportunity that will NOT last forever. It is a proven system that can literally earn you millions. Of course you may be skeptical, but reserve your judgement until you have all the details. If you're tired of illegitimate systems and strategies for wealth creation, and if you sincerely want the real thing that can be thoroughly proven, this is for you. What we teach you to do is not gambling, and it's anything but financial a Russian roulette system. Rest assured our strategy is indeed the real thing, and you'll see every bit of proof you need. Even if you find the proof inadequate, you can ask us for any specific proof you require.

Our interests as a company are extremely diverse. We do just about everything that has the potential to produce a viable, legal and ethical income. Nothing is out of the question. So you understand how extensive our business scope is, some of our pursuits include:

* Development of electronic technology: we are pioneers in the development of mobile heart-rate and blood pressure monitors. We are currently developing the world's first electronic kidneys which, if successful, will replace kidney dialysis.

* Claiming and searching sunken vessels: there are literally thousands of unbound and unclaimed sunken vessels in international waters that potentially contain precious metals. At a relatively small cost, but with enormous potential for returns, vessels can be claimed and searched. A successful expedition can return $100+ for every $1 invested.

* Roulette wheel and gambling equipment sales: gambling equipment is one of our specialities. Although we sell directly to casinos, we primarily focus on the private sector. Generally you can acquire roulette wheels from us at about half the normal retail price. We also offer a roulette wheel refurbishment service, which is an economical option if your roulette wheels have become defective.

* Web site promotion and marketing: our web promotion company has been in business long before some of the Internets largest online companies today.

* Energy research, including development of hydrogen-powered vehicles. One of our non-profit organizations is - we undertake numerous projects. We have pioneered designs for an anti-gravity craft called the "lifter", which is the world's most widely replicated anti-gravity experiment. Our lifter designs are by far the best and most efficient to date.

Some of the fields we've been involved in may certainly be considered out-of the-ordinary. Our scope of business is so extensive that we've even published guides teaching about how to win at sweepstakes competitions as a business - indeed we have taught may individuals to play competitions for a living, and some of them literally know how to play and win more than a corporate executive earns, and they do so from the comfort of home. Some individuals are regularly winning big-ticket items such as cars.

Although we are distributors for gambling supplies such as roulette wheels and poker chips, we do not promote online casinos, online roulette or gambling. We are not in any way affiliated with any gambling establishment such as online roulette casinos.


When you subscribe to our mailing list, we will inform you about many opportunities and tips to earn a perfectly legitimate income, without the constraints of standard 9-5 employment. You will find our strategies are quite out of the ordinary - again our scope of business is extremely broad. We are not going to just tell you about one opportunity, but you must remain subscribed to find out about available opportunities - subscription is absolutely free. If you do not wish to remain subscribed, you can remove yourself from future mailings at the click of a button.

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