Thursday, October 1, 2009

How Many Times Will SEO Guru’s Scam You

By Ryan Henderson

There has been this complete rumor that Search Engine Optimization takes some act of God or a highly specialized person to actually put you on top of the search engines. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a one man operation and have had much success putting my little designed websites on top of the search engines with minimal work.

I need you to understand that anybody that knows SEO is an internet marketer. They know how to sell information products over and over again. So typically when you buy these SEO products they have you on a mailing list and they hammer you again and again to buy the latest product. The problem is for them if they sell you something that works you won’t be back.

I had a friend who had loaned me a SEO course written by Brad Fallon. I was determined to learn so I watched and took notes. At the end of this course I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to be on top. I didn’t care how much money I had to spend, I was going to learn SEO. I was so determined that nothing was going to stop me.

I got so mad at the end of the course. I spent countless hours last October trying to figure this out, and everything they had said I had read somewhere else. There is no magic code to put on your site, there is no perfect keyword density and the reciprocal linking that they say works, does not, I had done that for 4 years prior to learning.

My determintation did not give up, however, I found a way to build one way links right to my website quickly and easily. I was absolutley astonished upon this discovery which only came to me because I was unwilling to give up. Now I can not only put my sites at the top of search engines, I easily raise my Google PR which everyone wants to do. The keys are to get a lot of backlinks and let the search engines find you.

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