Monday, August 3, 2009

How to get traffic to your webpage

So you have created this amazing webpage with all this amazing content and graphics then you hit the brick wall when you realise that you don’t know how to get traffic to your webpage. The truth is if you just implement a few tips and tricks you really do have it made.

I’ve learnt the traffic generation tips the hard way paying out for things that haven’t really made a difference then discovering that the free ways are the best. The good thing though is that if you are short on time you can always outsource these jobs and then concentrate on producing new products to add to these webpages.

Here are my favourite five methods for you to use in order to get quick traffic to your webpage:

Twitter - If you don’t use twitter you are missing out on something extra special. I remember launching this very Blog on twitter at the end of last year and compared to my previous Blogs I was simply amazed by the traffic results that it provided me with. Because I launched this Blog at the beginning of my time on twitter I didn’t have many followers yet I still received a huge stream of traffic many of which have subscribed to my blogging news which then turns them into returning visitors.

FaceBook - The best part of FaceBook has to be the groups set up a group promoting one of your products in exchange for free assistance and you have it made. You could have a SEO e-book in the profile and offer SEO tips via your facebook community. It is free and easy and should not be turned down.

Social Bookmarking - I seriously worry about where I would be with my Google page ranking if it wasn’t for social b0okmarking the results that it can offer you are amazing. If you haven’t tried social bookmarking yet you must give it a go. I bookmark every single webpage, Blog post and article that I have created (obviously minus the download pages) and it brings me a stream of regular traffic even to those I bookmarked six months ago.

Forum Marketing - Just by visiting a forum for 20 minutes a day and commenting on posts you can have people visiting the links in your signature over and over again. I spend about 30 minutes a day on the warrior forum posting links to this Blog and when I have looked at my stats with I have found approximately 60-75 hits a day just from this one forum. It is now part of my morning routine of jobs to do for my business.

Article Writing - By using sites such as and you can create quick quality articles pointing at your webpages. Unlike other article directories these two have them live in the community in a space of a couple of minutes without you having to wait a week for your article to be approved. Even though isn’t a do follow if you post to them your articles will be reused giving you instant backlinks to your original source.

These are just five of my favourite ways for creating quick unlimited traffic so that next time you ask the question of how to get free traffic to your webpage you will know the easy answer.

To your online success

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