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How to Get More Website Traffic & Convert Visitors into Buyers in Just 3 Steps

he sheer number of e-commerce websites that exist today is enough to overwhelm any consumer and make the Internet marketing challenge for business owners seem insurmountable. Bob Regnarus, also known as “The Leads King,” has made a successful business out of helping business owners drive more traffic to their websites and inspire visitors to buy once they get there.

Bob was selected to offer his web marketing expertise in “Start Your Own Information Marketing Business,” a new book from the Information Marketing Association. This new book is an essential how-to guide for anyone interested in starting an information marketing business, and features insight from 12 of the biggest names in the industry. In it, Bob shares his secrets for maximizing online sales through search engine optimization and more.

Here is the Leads King’s 3 Basic Phases to Getting More Website Traffic and Sales Now

1. Understand What You Really Need from Your Website

Determining what your website can and cannot do is the first phase. Setting the right expectations for a site can help businesses invest their time and effort into marketing to target customers. The point is to avoid wasting time on people who will never become customers.

Remember your website should be a lead generation tool. So, you want to focus on targeted leads that are a perfect match for the products and services you provide. Make sure you build an opt-in option on your website’s landing page. This is where you make an offer in order to collect contact information from visitors. You might offer free, valuable information such as access to a newsletter or a complimentary lesson or session. This is important to your strategy for making building your list and starting a customer relationship that leads to more sales.

2. Build an Attractive Site With Your Objective in Mind

The second phase of a web traffic campaign is to build or alter a website so it fits the new strategy for generating sales leads and attracting target customers. An attractive website is easy to understand, and is interesting and engaging. It does not mean you should spend money on expensive graphic design or Flash animation - in fact Bob strongly advises you not to waste your money on elements that will not directly help you increase your website sales conversions. Instead, focus on communicating to visitors what your business offers and why they should be interested.

3. Drive Additional Traffic Through Advertising, SEO and Promotion

The third phase of the campaign is to make it easy for potential customers to find your website through search-engine optimization (SEO), article marketing, pay-per-click advertising and other advanced promotional tools.

Investing in online advertising is crucial to promoting your website, but there are also many low-cost strategies. Effective SEO tactics include creating external links, regular website updates and keyword saturation. Other little known channels for driving website traffic include promoting sites through blogs, articles and press releases. According to Bob you don’t have to be a technological wizard or a marketing genius to improve your search engine ranking and generate traffic to your website.

Follow Bob’s step-by-step directions and you will get more website traffic and sales. To learn more about SEO opportunities and discover how to create effective advertising campaigns with search engines look for more advice from Bob in Start Your Own Information Marketing Business. This information marketing how-to guide is available in bookstores now.

About the Author:

Robert Skrob, President of the Information Marketing Association teaches new entrepreneurs and small business owners how to build 6 and 7 figure income information marketing businesses simply by modeling top experts like Bob Regnarus. Now you can get his FREE Video revealing how 5 info-marketers easily created and marketed fast-selling products & how you can too. Get free access now at

Generating Online Website Traffic

The Truth About Generating Online Website Traffic

It is easy to build a website these days, with many of the free blogger networks offering everything from ready-made templates to HTML tutorials. It is that easy, but generating traffic to your website, well that’s another matter. With almost anyone propping up a website or two, getting the right amount of attention will take some effort on your part. It is, in a way, similar to a bookshop seeking customers. With many new ‘bestsellers’ vying for shelf-space, the only way these books get picked up is as a result of ‘getting the word out’. That phrase is the key to generating a healthy dose of internet traffic to your website. The major handicap that most internet marketers face is a lack of internet traffic, mainly because they failed to get the word out.

So let’s say that you have managed to get the website up and running, now the only thing left for you to do is to go on a marketing binge. Getting visitors to your website is the objective, that’s a given. So with that in mind, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you achieve your objective.

You can start by incorporating a feed on your website, try ‘feedburner’ ( a google tool that allows blog owners and podcasters the ability to manage their RSS feeds and track usage of their subscribers), as that seems to be the popular choice and it is free to use - which is an additional incentive. The point is that any time you add fresh content to your site, it gets converted into a ‘feed’, making it possible for many feed subscribers to access it immediately. The whole idea behind the ‘feeds’ is that it makes content available to multiple internet users and provides content in real time, allowing you to garner some valuable traffic in the process. Now feeds are just a small step in the right direction. You will need to make sure that your site url is posted to the various search engines out there thereby increasing your site’s reach.

But the above method is utilized by nearly every webmaster and may not get you the huge increase in traffic that you are looking for. So here are a few additional strategies.

You can visit other websites; provide comments to blogs resulting in valuable one way links. You can utilize some of the paid traffic sites to increase your traffic. Though webmasters do use the paid traffic option as a marketing tool, it works only if the traffic provided is real and not one delivered by ‘web robots’ (used for web-spidering at a much higher speed than humanly possible). It’s essential that you check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page of the ‘paid traffic’ site to see if the site in question provides this source of traffic. If they do not, then you can be sure that the traffic delivered by such sites is not that beneficial.

Article marketing, now that’s a method that works seamlessly. The traffic generated by way of posting articles to some of the major article directories is so effective that webmasters have started using it for affiliate marketing, another cool way to make money as long as you are able to generate the traffic. But here is the catch, you need to be able to write well, for it is only a good article that will generate traffic. In addition to the directories, you can try your hand with some of the classified sites such as google and ebay OR utilize the benefits of google ad sense.

There is no doubt that marketing online will take a little effort on your part and it will be sometime before you can see some meaningful results. However at the end of the day, having worked through some of the approaches listed above, you should be able to generate a healthy dose of internet traffic to your site.
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